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November 2, 2012
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Captain C by rule1of1coldfire Captain C by rule1of1coldfire
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This could be her Halloween costume, no? :D
Blackwind06 Oct 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
awesome pic
And then her frigate came faced to face with an Equestrian Pony-O-War, commandeered by none other than Captain Shining Armor, her mutual arch-nemesis. 
Captain Chyrsalis: "Nice ship, Shining my dear! Is that superior firepower, or....over-compensation?" :devilish:
Shining Armor: [Seething like mad] "Broadside, all guns - FIRE!!!"
[The cannons of Shining's ship erupt into a thunderous, angry response. Cannonballs scythe through the air, screaming across the water...many of which missed Chrysalis' smaller vessel entirely. Chrysalis taunt, though childish, managed to goad Shining into irrational anger]

Captain Chrysalis: "Such a temper! How improper for a captain to be irked so easily by a little teasing! It seems that WE'LL HAVE TO TEACH HIM MATURITY! HARD TO STARBOARD, READY THE CANNONS! Helmsman, take us in for the quickest pass you can, on their starboard side! We'll hit them while they're still reloading, and burn away before they can hit us!"

Lieutenant Pincer: "Aye-aye, ma'am!"
Captain Shining Armour: "Dammit, I let her get to me!"

Lieutenant Anchor: "We're reloading all guns as fast as we could, but we'll not be ready before she gets into range!"

Captain Shining Armour: "Wait... there's still a way to turn this around. Rally the battle-mages and Swift-Sabre's Royal Marines below deck, prepare for a tele-boarding action the moment they get into range." 

Lieutenant Anchor:"Hit them with their guard down, sir? Aye-aye, I'll get right on it!"
this was an entertaining story/role play you and Minion did!
[Chyrsalis' frigate swung towards the bigger Equestrian ship, making minute adjustments to present the smallest possible target to her foe until she pulled within broadside range. Near the apex of the starboard turn, the ship "levels out" into a straight line next to Shining's ship.]

Chrysalis: "Full broadside, fire! FIRE!!!"

==But at that same instant:===

Lieutenant Anchor: "EVERYPONY TELEPORT NOW!!"

[The Blue-coated Royal Marines, by sheer chance, flash away in perfect sync with the Changeling broadside; the cannonballs tearing through the space they'd occupied just as they vanish.]

[When they arrive on the ship, some end up "topside", on the main deck. Others arrive in the gun deck, coughing and choking on powder-smoke along with their foes. A few even get tangled in the ropes overhead through a stroke of horrid luck.]

Captain Chyrsalis: "Clever, Shining, clever....ALL CREW, REPEL BOARDERS! Helmsman, get us away from the enemy ship before they can reload their cannons! Keep your distance if you can so Armor can't send more goons!"

[With that, the Queen-turned-pirate draws a pair of cutlasses, fitting the hilt of one through a pore on her foreleg, and holding the other with her tail. Then she dives into the fray of swords, bayonets, fangs, and muskets.]
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